Arana Loka Praba Arana Loka Praba is subsidiary of PT Dewata Anugrah Indah (DEANIN). An Indonesia company that engaged in Agriculture, Trading, and Training (P4S) for community. Have an office in Magelang, Jawa Tengah and Badung, Bali. As a company that focus in Agriculture, we produce and we also partner with farmer/farmer group to provide the best agricultural products. Our commodities are organic fertilizer from Guano, fresh vegetables and fruits.

We use advanced pre-cooling techniques to maintain the quality and freshness of agricultural. We apply a self-management system for the whole process, from seeding, planting, and transportation. Also we reduce the use of pesticides and fully comply with international pesticide residue standards for export.

…and :

We are also as “Pusat Pelatihan Pertanian dan Pedesaan Swadaya” known as P4S. P4S is learning center for framers/society in order to form skilled and professional farmers that will be expected to have active role in development through the development of agricultural human resources such us training or apprentices for farmers and communities in the region.

We are looking for customers with the same vision and strength because you deserve the best quality agricultural products.